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The network of clinics GEN87

Our approach in working with patients is based on the principle of the uniqueness of the innovation, which greatly differ from all those procedures that You did before.

And if in the past You needed to go abroad for many programmes of transformation, they are now collected in a network of clinics innovative cosmetology GEN87.

In our clinics is the principle of individual approach to each patient.

Team GEN 87


Workshop on Fertotherapy

On February 13, the doctors of the clinic GEN87 attended the seminar “Clinical application of enzyme therapy (hyaluronidase, collagenase, lipase) in the practice of a dermatocosmetologist’s physician”.


GEN87 at Fashion Night Astana

November 30 in Astana was a fashion show of domestic designers Fashion Night Astana. Clinic GEN87 became a partner of this event.